An update

I have finished all of my molds, this all happening in two and a half weeks, I have finished my 20 molds. I am tired like road and pavement. So does that mean you leave behind skid marks, shut up you. Sorry about that folks I have the self deprecation button on. let me turn that off real quick. there, that does it. haaaa

Well I am preparing to go to austria in two weeks, this is because I don’t want to be in Hungary illegally. So that’s the big plan. I hear that the studio back in KC is a pretty happening place and I hope everyone is working really hard. Here in the international ceramic studio the ceramic instrument symposium has been quite the spectical to see. There are 6 artist working from latvia,hungary,romania,and I also met a very nice man named charles who is an art restorer. Charles has traveled to a lot of countries, even mongolia. Illona Romule is woking on china painting and tommorrow i have scheduled a time to observe her which will be for about 4 hours and will take notes on china painting. I already have china paint supplies so all I have to do is write down the real small details that makes Illona’s work so damn amazing. I am casting all of next week and I promise, on the word of a vagabond who dreams of clashing spears and parables. that I will put up all of my images once i have one of each casted, I’ll line them up for all of you.

Also, Paul and me have been dreading the arrival of 35 students to the compound. All of which will bring:  drains full of pubic hair, lots of beer, noise, and lots and lots of pure stupid. However, they will also bring the workshops of glass slumping, blowing and rapid positive making my Gabby, which she still hasn’t shown me how to do. It involves a string, pins, and very precise mixing of plaster and timing. Anyway, It will be very busy. But I should be done with all of my things in about two weeks, I only need to cast about 150 items, which sounds like a lot but there are 20 molds. I have made up 5 separate series here.

To end, Like a million bricks, anvils, castles, points of quantum singularity, how heavy my heart does feel when I think of all my friends back in KC, much love. Paul says, ” Alberto, that’s a some bullshit, heavy like helium balloon.” I’m thinking of parables of beyond history of another level of understanding, my… living is so amazing.

Many a things

In northern slovakia a six story apt-building crumbled down only leaving a room in the third floor intact. Along with some of the steel infrastructure. More than 100 people died. But in this room, which happened to be a bathroom. Had an old man in it. The rescue team that was in charge was very happy to find the man after 3 days. The man though was found in despair. The reason being that as he flushed the toilet the building collapsed, thus making him believe it was his fault.

after Andras had finished the story, he said that it was true and very sad but also funny. Then he said “the best writer in the world could not imagine something so strange, life is best writer.”

And now what you have all been waiting for The adventures of alberto:

First of all I redesigned everything I had accomplished so far: thus the 100 hrs of work where useless and starting all over was quite tragic. However, I did manage to create a small cold cup that’s super simple and very swank. Also, fyi, pauls computer sucks at putting pictures and it takes forever so I will download all of my pictures in a couple of days, it will be a full post of pictures, all links for large ones, so that one may take in all that is hungary. The new redesigned for was then put immediately into prototypic production, which took a rediculous amount of time, the cup is done but i will finish the teapot in a coulple of days. The simple cup and hot liquid cup have been casted, both are successful. I am also casting a clay book, made a bowl design , and will develop my china painting skill with the help of demi-china paint god  Illona romule who is here for a month only for china painting. All in all, very busy.

One adventure happened about 4 days ago when. Paul, 3 Hungarian students, and I went to budapest to accompany Andras to the International ceramic studio’s gallery. Andras was in charge for opening and closing the exhibition, seeing that the exhibition wasn’t enough entertaiment we decided to go to the art museum and the history museum which were about two blocks away. Our guide was award winning glass designer Eszter Bosze a hungarian since the other two were turks. She walked at blazing speed whereever we went and after we had seen contemporary, roman occupancy, ancient weapons, porcelain factories and their art works. all of which were humbling experiences, we were bloody tired. I unfortunately didn’t eat whenever the group went to get kebabs and got dehydrated and had a terrible headache, I returned to the gallery, which has a bed in the upstairs and slept for about an hour after pills and water. The group then closed the gallery and we all went to the bus station and came back to kecskemet. Overall it was very fun, it was also very educational.

The hungarian student have been here for two weeks, it is strange to be around them they are very silent, they don’t speak english very well, and most smoke like chimeneys.

Well kids its time to go now, so here is another albertoism: MAY ARMOR’S CLATTER ECHO IN THE MIST FILLED FIELDS

2.Odessius and his men see a small island to the west about 500ft away other than that. It is sky and earth, and all of a sudden. The air grows thick, and Odessius here’s the sound of women’s laughter. Wing shaped shadows dance around his face.

Design to the third power

Here in hungary the recent results are there. I was walking towards the market early the other day, sun glare, rush hour, little old ladies on their bicycles, kids going to school. The funny thing was that the street was silent, no one spoke to each other in public. The hungarians just looked forward or towards the ground but never at you, never in the eyes, only quick glances. The shuffle of pants is what I normally here in the morning. Silence dominates daily life, its like 4:33 by John Cage was stuck on repeat. That said, My shenanigans up to know have been designing and redesigning and redesigning. To which i say thank God, here I’m working smarter not harder, everything is chill(as julie malen says). Paul and I have been getting 8 hours + of sleep and work about 8 hours in the studio. What is funny is that both of us think were being lazy but we’re normally the only ones in the studio. My new style was merged with the old so its a neo-victorian voltron industrial magic. Ill post pictures once the prototypes are final. Oh news flash! I’m vegetarian here(veg=less$), paul has ascended to vegan. Two problems though, Im dropping weight and paul isn’t getting enough calories so he’s drinking olive oil. Paul here is stuck, he wasn’t thaught to draw at the school, reason being that he was thaught by Sheri Sparks :(, and he’s designing patterns to carve on his vases. The lack of knowledge has made our instructor show paul the basics of shading, proportion, and perspective. I’m helping him(if he needs) on his carving. Oh also, the designs Im working on are based on the fact that the tea bag has killed the teapot….so…I’m making a teapot that uses the tea bag and if you don’t have a teabag, well you won’t need one, I’m following the philosophy of “It slices, dices, and makes julian fries” such things as that. I have been experimenting with plaster techniques, such as using condoms to get perfectly smooth simetrical and asymetrical forms, carving, plaster wheel, and I’m planning on working on highly textured clever one liners, for selling purposes. Well, may all of the ceramics department here the loud drums, respond to them, spirits high, and speak. BLESSED ARE THE MAD, FOR THEY ARE THE OWNERS OF THEIR MANACLES.

Andras chronicle pt. 1

You see that round square there. “which one” the large round open area with the pilar in the middle. “oh yeah” Well, during the sixties when the communist were in power. A large statue was hired to artist, to make. The statue is of lennin. A ceremony in spring was planned. about 3 hours before the opening one of stalins head generals. a man with stinking teeth and breath stinking with a power complex. says in crow like barking ” I want to see the head of the statue” The artisans explained the great difficulty of this request since it took a helicopeter to lay a white sheet on it. The general responded with some more barks and the artisans caved in. The whole process was repeated and the sheet was removed, only to uncover the statues head. “blasphemy” the general yelled, the problem was that the six meter statue on top of a large pilar had no hat to cover the fact that lennin was bald. The general ordered a hat be immediately made. In two hours thousands of people would gather in this small round plaza and witness the unvealing. The artisans rushed to the master stone masons at the local cemetary and asked if they could produce a hat in time. The masons agreed and finished early enough for the hat to be placed on. So all of the people are gathered for the ceremony the unvealing finally happens and there in his magnificence is Lennin, with a hat on his head…….. and one in his hand.