Drinking Coffee and Thinking Strange

The pattern of life is so complicated that God decided to make a coffee and think about what had been created for just , Oh I don’t know……. God hasn’t stopped thinking. What actually happened was that God made another universe for thought. God likes to think, I’m saying this cause well if I am able to use free will it must be true that I am able to access god’s thoughts through my imagination. I heard a priest say this in the 1650’s a long time ago (just accessed someone’s thoughts a long time ago, see how this works). Anyway the God of this universe decided that since a branch was created in the universe tree that why not give everything free will. The branches kept growing and growing and growing, forever and ever. The pattern of life is extremely complicated, and so was only allowed to be created on certain parts of the universe. This explains the limit of imagination, you can only create infinite variables on the limited knowledge your perception and brain will allow. In other words life is only connected to a limited number of universes. As things happen or don’t maybe life will connect to all the universes one day. Maybe one day I will be a great artist.

The Lovely Pattern

Two fluttering dresses run accross the street. The unstable patterns danced with the warm night air. Their bright smiles shone like the lights of the cars. The full moon in the cloudless sky was very jealous. The city’s invisible stars like a catchy hum walked with the dogs on their leash, as the children played tag around them. All is normal it seems, a sleepy summer night. I look for a pattern that reflects life, the best I can do is to copy.

Walking towards the trailer park

As the lighting struck something in the distance and its brilliant flash lit the trailer park, the idea to fix societies energy, education, and employment problem was made. Unfortunately as it was for many good ideas the time for them to shine had not come. So why write this?  Well to take your worry away and so that you may live your life pragmatically. I have the answer when the time comes, I’ll help everybody. Then someone will end my life, but I don’t mind. All good ideas were twisted to do bad, it is human habit, a wonderful trait that has helped us survive for a long time, and will keep us living for a long time. Just think of all the beautiful acts to be done, its enough to give you infinite hope. Grand are human beings infinitely adaptive and lucky to have imagination.

One of my favorite things are the bubbles made by the rain in the puddles as it falls. Theirs something mysterious I find about them, its as if Im watching how life began as the earth cooled so long ago. Maybe all humans share this quality of looking at the world and finding it peculiar or funny. The fuel of curiosity, well actually now that I think about it, the rain was probably one of the few natural entertainment events for humans before there were stories or language:

The everlasting clouds danced in the sky, so I lay there in my safe place where nothing could kill me, or where I could sneeze in peace and not be bothered. She beside me laughing as she looked at the puddles around us and saw the bubble suddenly rising.

Wonderfull Parts

And so they woke up, unfortunately it was near the wrong side. When the part sees that it’s a part and the whole sees that its parts, can all the parts survive. Well, maybe. It was a bright day today, the blue sky again sat there doing nothing, well sitting is doing something, so I guess it sat there. The clouds though they were up and moving as if they were hearing calypso, the darndest thing. I wondered if problems end as life exist. The whole structure of the argument was like throwing on the wheel. Always on a tilt. dying for straightness, but the beauty of it lies in the fundamental irregularity of it all. But their are many things to wonder about. My wondering is only part of all the wondering. So you are not alone we all wonder.

Flipping Coins

Today I dressed myself in the most beautiful clothes that anyone had ever seen. The mere radiance of the apparel sent people wailing to their broken homes. There, they acted in a completely new attitute and personality. Everything about them changed and so the home was not broken anymore.

Today I walked with the sadest look. It was a smile and that smile made people understand that they were luckier than me, but I smiled becuase I knew I was luckier than someone else.

Today I sat and understood that some things just are and can never be changed. “But what if i painted it REd” You’d just add another layer to the cake nothing changed cause it’s still a cake.

Today I sampled the sweetest cake, it was good. So I had some cofee. Then I remembered that I forgot everything that I had done that day and so I was happy. Remembering is a double edged sword.